How do we eat healthily? This question has been the cause of discussion for many years already, there are many doctrines and scientific papers that try to answer that exact question. But one thing is certain: 5 handfuls of fruit and veg suffice to supply our body with vitamins, minerals, fibres as well as secondary plant compounds. It is said that two portions of fruit and three portions of vegetables are ideal for the human body.

The intake of fruit and veg boosts our well-being and resistance. Furthermore, you prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, heart and circulatory diseases, cancer and much more.

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Grab fruit and vegetablescarrot
A daily intake of 5 handfuls of fruit and veg suffices to support a healthy diet. Just do it and plan enough vitamins in your meals.
A daily intake of 5 handfuls of fruit and veg suffices to support a healthy diet. Just do it and plan enough vitamins in your meals.
Cravings are not unknown to us. You can prevent them though by having healthy snacks, like nuts of fruit, easily on hand.
By eating seasonally, you are not only doing something good for your body but also your purse. Seasonal food is not only easier to buy after all, it is also cheaper.
That way you not only support local farmers, you also know where your food comes from and you know you are receiving food in good quality, which can be eaten conscientiously.
And we don’t mean convenience products but rather fruit and veg which are frozen in their ideal state of ripeness. Therefore, they are a good addition to your meals.

Welcome to VEGANYA

Pioneer of traditional German Pork and Chicken products in India, Mr. Arthur Maurer redefines his food adventure by diversifying to cater to the largely non-meat-eating Indian masses!

Veganya’s launch introduces new mainstream food choices and sustainable lifestyle products calling for plant-based alternatives. Veganism and Vegetarianism are ‘not synonymous’…while Veganism is a 100% gluten-free diet, free from animal-based food ingredients like meat, seafood, dairy, eggs or honey (also inedible items like cosmetics, medicines and clothing); Vegetarianism is a diet not including fish or meat, yet allowing consumption of dairy and eggs.

Veganya aims at creating a thumping ‘first impression’ while ensuring the tiniest effort to prevent large-scale animal suffering and reduce environmental footprint. Vegan is the New Healthier Way of Life!!


Veganya has partnered with Borner, Germany to introduce safe, convenient, fuss-free, quality and state-of-the-art kitchen gadgets. Set up in 1956, Borner with 60+ years expertise has consistently created innovative and ingenious high caliber kitchen prep tools using 100% food grade materials and only 'food-safe dyes'; all 'plastics are BPA free' and 'contain no softening agents. Using German-made razor-sharp stainless-steel blades, all Borner gadgets offer a 5-year warranty.

The Borner slogan - “Change Your Life”, facilitates a more convenient way of life complemented by a healthy diet using Borner Slicers, Graters, Juicers and more. Goodbye kitchen woe…Borner, Germany really does “Change your Life”!!