Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

We aim at being Global Leaders in this new Vegan Food Revolution, making a positive impact in driving consumer journeys into conversion channels by helping Vegans find what they want and get what they need…overcoming every challenge and exhibiting our tireless efforts and expertise in-so-doing. Veganya will change the course of consumer consciousness and our foresightedness will see our products locally and globally in every store, on every restaurant menu, in every home and no doubt in every healthy bite!

Our Mission:

We aim to stand out and create a thumping ‘first impression’ in the forefront of the Vegan food evolution yet embodying the tiniest effort we can make to ensure prevention of large-scale animal suffering and reduction of environmental footprint on the Indian sub-continent. We hope to leave a mark as the clear Market Leader and Provider of Vegan products, while flaunting the veracity of both Indian and German Vegan delights. Veganya’s launch will be the pinnacle in commanding India’s entry into plant-based foods, leading the bursting Vegan World Food Revolution! Our focus is to constantly keep abreast of market trends and adapt; to sincerely boost our customer and employee relationships, as also suppliers and local communities; to supersede customer expectations; excel in standards of hygiene, quality, pricing, distribution, reliability; to commit to and honor our values to customers, partners and investors.