Borner Cheesemaker
Make your own cheese with as little effort as possible from the comfort of your home – easy, quick a..
Borner Crispymaker 2-piece set
Delicious, homemade chips that are completely fat-free? This is now possible in a matter of minutes ..
₹1,692.00 ₹2,193.00
Borner Juicer
The original Borner Juicer with the crown - for fresh fruit and vegetable juices filled with vitamin..
Borner Multimaker - tinted: Bowl with keep-fresh lid, sieve and Multiplate
The unique salad bowl with lid to keep fresh, strainer for draining and the practical multiplate.The..
Borner Noodle-Maker - selfmade noodles in no time
The original Borner Noodle-Maker - the smallest noodle maker on earth. Make your own delicious noodl..
Borner Safety Food Holder
Safety comes firstBörner is known for its sharp blades. Therefore, we also want to protect your hand..